Cleanliness is a state of mind. And only much later, the state of our surroundings. So, to maintain cleanliness, one must first think clean. Starting with personal hygiene, to our homes and workplaces, to larger common areas like our streets, parks and public spaces to our cities and the nation as a whole. Each must be seen as a smaller unit of the larger whole.

Sadly, most people's concept of cleanliness ends at their private spaces, and all the rest of the world becomes their garbage bin. What is most important is inculcating good habits from an early age. For latecomers, it is never too late to learn. About how and where to dispose off waste.
Sometimes we may unwittingly end up polluting or degrading the environment far more by 'cleaning' - just by excessive use of toxic chemical cleaning agents. Some ground rules to follow are: Use less. Waste less. Reuse, re-purpose and recycle as far as possible. If we want complete cleanliness around us, we have to become the change-drivers, ourselves. Be the change that you want to see in the world.


In an ever-increasingly competitive world, where both people and technology are fast becoming obsolete, one has to quickly adapt to the change. We have to adopt new methodologies in work and life, and constantly upgrade our skill sets. If you are doing something that anyone else or many others can do, then you will command a low value, or be easily replaced. Instead, if you develop a specific skill, or set of skills, and work to becoming better at it, you will become valuable and command respect.
So, first skilling and then continuously upskilling one's abilities is the name of the game. To remain relevant in today's world means to constantly keep learning and refining. Continuously keep a watch on the prevalent market environment and newly emerging trends. Change is the only constant. So to stay in the hunt, and not become 'the hunted', keep skilling.